Who We Are


Taher is an ancient Hebrew word which means “to wash and to cleanse”.  This word embodies the physical, mental, spiritual,  and emotional cleansing which can accompany the simple act of bathing.  Our products are made with quality ingredients and select formulations to optimize your bath experience.  Our products are designed to love your skin naturally.  

Our company has a heart for the environment.  We focus on reducing our carbon footprint.  Many of our products come in zero waste packaging.  We primarily use recycled and recycled materials.  We want to be good stewards of the Earth we have been given.

Taher Soapery is a passion project and family business.  Taher Soapery is a division of the Channah’s Handcrafts brand.  At the heart of our company is a passion for crafting, inventing, and creating.  I am the primary soap and product maker.  I am also a mother and nurse with a naturopathic background.  The junior soap and product maker here at Taher Soapery is my daughter Maya.  Together, we are focused on providing products to make your life richer. 

We welcome you to try our handcrafted creations and feel the difference. 

Shalom and Barakah (Peace and Blessings)